Coolant Catcher is the

best coolant drain pan you’ll ever use!

A Unique Coolant Drain Pan That Service Technicians Love

  • Unique Anti-Splash Baffle Pad: Engine coolant drains into the pan without fear of splashes or spills hitting the shop floor.
  • Large Surface Area and Fluid Capacity: Built to be a strong, reliable, efficient and safe coolant drain pan.
  • Ease of Use: 360° swivel casters deliver maneuverability while built-in hand grips make emptying safe and simple.

“One of the best shop tools we’ve ever had.  My guys love it.”

Andy Hagin, Owner, Hagin’s Automotive

Why Shop Managers Love the Coolant Catcher

  • Safety: Shop floors are kept free of slippery engine coolant and other fluids, avoiding safety hazards.
  • Efficiency: Mechanics work on multiple tasks while fluids drain, making work order completion as efficient as possible.
  • Compliance: Fluids are captured and disposed of securely, making regulation compliance routine and simple.
  • Lower Costs: Coolant Catcher quickly pays for itself in clean-up time savings.

Coolant Catcher

Coolant Catcher